About Dr. Steven Masley, MD

Dr. Masley has worked with Revival Point as a consultant to help develop Flora Spring. This scientifically-backed formula is based on strains Dr. Masley has recommended to his private patients for years – many of whom have seen body and health transformation.

Once a proponent of prescribing traditional diet and exercise, his life took a dramatic change when had a chance encounter with one man at a health conference.

This man went on to become to founder of a movement called “functional medicine” and the conversion that he and Dr. Masley had, changed the way Dr. Masley would think about medicine and treat his patients forever.

Decades later, Dr. Masley is now the host of the #1 health show on public TV, 30 Days To A Younger Heart. He is a best-selling author of four popular books on health and wellness, The Mediterranean Method, Better Brain Solution, Smart Fat, and 30 Day Heart Tune Up. Dr. Masley has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans on the topics of health, diet, fitness, and overall wellness at his private clinic, The Masley Optimal Health Center, in St. Petersburg, Florida.