Who Is Dr. Steven Masley

The only way to achieve exceptional health is to get personal.

Dr. Steven Masley is an experienced, award-winning physician with a background in weight loss, nutrition, and education. He has dedicated several years to empowering people to understand their unique health needs better, winning research awards from the Florida Academy of Family Physicians and accolades from Group Health Cooperative and Schering Plough.

Dr. Masley’s professional publications span across the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, The Journal of Clinical Psychology, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. Through his work at his clinic and ongoing educational outreach, he inspires individuals from all walks of life to take charge of their unique physical and mental health.

His published books include:

  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • Smart Fat
  • Better Brain Solution
  • 30 Day Heart Tune-Up

With weight loss at the forefront of many Americans’ minds, the Dr. Masley weight loss regimen focuses on ensuring people’s weight loss journey is supported by modern medical research, not lofty promises. This includes not just tasty, balanced recipes, but also smart supplements designed to target common problems.

Dr. Steven Masley also consulted on the formulation of Floraspring, a probiotic weight loss supplement. It is one such tool to help health-conscious buyers reduce cravings and improve their gut health.

What Does Dr. Masley Recommend For Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a complex journey. It requires multiple steps to help people achieve their optimal weight and personal wellness goals, which can be very daunting for beginners.

Dr. Masley supplement plans are a fantastic touch-up for a medically sound diet regimen. He recommends supplements like Floraspring and Mighty Maca, which are both carefully crafted to get people optimizing their diet to its full potential. Floraspring is a supplement that targets the individual’s cravings and reduces the need to snack or binge, resulting in a weight loss regimen with better long-term results.

Dr. Masley keeps the personal health journey enjoyable with his published book The Mediterranean Method, a self-help diet resource that’s achieved the #1 spot several times in the U.S. News And Report. Not only is it backed with careful medical research, but its delicious and fun recipes add a dash of delight to the weight loss process.

The dietary foundation of several Mediterranean countries has fed the impressive longevity of its residents. This inspired Dr. Steven Masley to break down the science behind these diets so readers can live longer, healthier lives.

From analyzing the health benefits behind the low-glycemic load to the heart healthy nature of seafood, The Mediterranean Method makes the weight loss journey more effective and tastier all in one go. Thanks to delicious flavors and easy-to-follow recipes, committing to a better diet has never been an easier task. It’s not the only diet resource people can try, however.

A surprising link to weight loss is not avoiding fat entirely, but being smart about it. Alongside The Mediterranean Method, Dr. Masley has also crafted the Smart Fat weight loss book, a collaboration with Jonny Bowden to cut through popular misconceptions on weight loss. With Smart Fat, weight watchers will be empowered to look critically at the parts and pieces that make up their diet, from fiber count to healthy fat identification.

The benefits of the Smart Fat method include regulated hormones, boosted energy, and reliable weight loss that grows from smart habits instead of last-minute changes. The book gets readers started with an easy-to-follow thirty-day meal planning guide and a slew of fun recipes crafted with the Smart Fat philosophy. With such a strong foundation of nutritional knowledge, the Smart Fat method proves the best solution is a good habit.

For those more concerned about heart health (with heart disease the leading cause of death in the United States), the 30-Day Heart Tune-Up is essential reading material. It slices through the misunderstandings of incremental heart disease by focusing on lesser-known details like poor blood sugar and imbalanced gut health. Most importantly, it equips readers with practical knowledge on how to craft a fitness, diet, and mental wellness regimen to counteract the creep of heart disease.

Dr. Masley’s book the 30-Day Heart Tune-Up is so dedicated to ensuring the improved cardiovascular health of its readers, it has recently been revised with the latest breakthroughs in gut and heart health. Packed with updated information on similar risk factors like obesity and high blood pressure, the 30-Day Heart Tune-Up is a one-stop shop for individuals to take control of their future.

What Supplements Does Dr. Masley Recommend?

Supplements are a simple and effective way to top off a smart, medically backed diet regimen. But how can the average person sort out the valid supplements from the fluff? It’s important to pay attention to which supplements have been endorsed by and created with the consultation of top medical doctors.

Dr. Steven Masley has combined his years of medical research and hands-on clinical experience to contribute vital consultation for Floraspring. This probiotic weight loss supplement is a complex capsule designed to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and increase energy.

Common concerns surrounding weight loss regimens often involve fatigue, mood swings, and the lost productivity that comes with such side-effects. With Floraspring, today’s health-conscious consumers can further ensure their personalized diet remains balanced and they’re not missing out on any of the fantastic benefits that come with eating smart.

The creators of Floraspring are so confident in their supplement’s ability to support a healthy diet that they provide a 100% money-back guarantee after a risk-free, three-month assessment. Each order is complemented with a slew of free healthy recipes (including desserts), a set of gut flora chocolate bars, and a quick workout course by fitness expert Ricky Hunter. For those inexperienced in creating fitness charts, Floraspring comes with a healthy gut cheat sheet that targets common household products and sleeping issues to maximize health results.

Eating healthily and feeling great shouldn’t be a chore. Dr. Masley supplements bundle together several healthy and targeted ingredients to maximize every individual’s diet plan, backed by ongoing medical research that narrows down common problems faced by conscientious consumers. Bloating, fatigue, and cravings will become a thing of the past with the combination of a smart diet and even smarter supplements.

What is the most medically sound method of losing weight while keeping bloating and fatigue at bay? Watch this video where Dr. Steven Masley explains the science, and surprising ease, of a medically backed weight loss routine.